Best Countries To Outsource Software Development

Best Countries To Outsource Software Development
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The market size of IT outsourcing is projected to exceed $460 billion by the end of 2023, reflecting a significant increase from $411 billion in 2022. This growth demonstrates the growing trend among companies to adopt and embrace the practice of outsourcing their IT operations, including software development. Outsourcing software has several benefits, including cutting costs, access to a wide pool of talent, and more. However, selecting a reliable partner is crucial when outsourcing software development operations.
When choosing a company to outsource to, it is also important to consider the country of operation, as this can impact communication, cultural fit, and several other factors. In this article, we will explore different countries known for housing some of the best outsourcing partners specializing in software development. By the end of this article, you will have gained insights into the most suitable countries to find a reliable outsourcing partner, depending on your location.

The top eight countries to outsource software development.


Estonia is one of the excellent choices for outsourcing your software development operations. One of the reasons why Estonia is an excellent choice is its IT infrastructure, which includes high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring efficient communication and seamless collaboration with your outsourcing partner. The Estonian government has invested in its IT infrastructure, ensuring internet access for everyone in the country, regardless of their location.
This is crucial for software development projects that heavily rely on online interactions. In addition to reliable connectivity, Estonia also has a thriving IT industry, with hundreds of reliable tech companies offering a wide range of IT services, including web development, software development, web design, UI/UX design, and more. FVST is one of the companies known for handling Engineering-as-a-Service projects for the top 1% of companies.
Hiring a software development partner in Estonia provides an added advantage for European countries by offering easier communication and cultural alignment. Being located within Europe, Estonia shares similar time zones with most European countries, making real-time collaboration and coordination more seamless. Furthermore, the cultural proximity between Estonia and other European nations fosters a better understanding of business practices and work ethics. The average hourly rate of software development service providers like FVST is about 50-75 per hour.


One of the reasons Poland is another good choice for hiring software developers or outsourcing partners is its transparent IT legislation and adherence to data protection regulations. Polish software engineers possess a strong mix of technical and soft skills and are proficient in English, facilitating effective communication with Western clients.
Being centrally located, Poland also shares similar time zones with lots of countries in Europe, which is crucial for effective collaboration and communication. The average hourly rate of software developers in Poland is about $15.7, which is relatively cheap compared to several other European countries. This price can go over $80 if you choose to hire a software development outsourcing company.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is known for its highly skilled software developers, ranking sixth globally in terms of expertise. With proficiency in popular programming languages, a supportive tech education system, and strong intellectual property protection, the country offers a reliable outsourcing environment.
Czech Republic is also located in Central Europe, making it the ideal country to hire outsourcing partners since its zone is relatively similar to most countries in Europe. The country also has a pool of over 100,000 professional developers and 90 outsourcing companies, making it an attractive option for companies searching for affordable software developers and outsourcing partners. The hourly rate of developers in the Czech Republic is also close to that of Estonia and Poland (around $15.19 or $13.93). Again, this price will go over $80 if you hire a software development outsourcing company.


Romania is another ideal destination for software development outsourcing due to its thriving tech market and impressive growth rate. The local IT sector in Romania achieved a growth rate of 14.3% in 2021, making it one of the countries with the fastest-growing IT sectors. Additionally, Romania has recently been ranked higher than the USA and India in terms of software developer quality.
Another reason why Romania is a reliable source for outsourcing developers is its offering of explicit tax preferences, including exemptions from profit tax for foreign companies investing in technological equipment, particularly in major cities like Bucharest. That’s one of the reasons the country also hosts offices of renowned software giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Amazon, which further highlights its flourishing IT sector. The average hourly rate of software developers in Romania is around $11, slightly lower than in Poland and the Czech Republic. However, hiring software development outsourcing services will cost the same as in Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic.


Over the years, India has always been known as one of the best choices for software development outsourcing, thanks to its vast pool of outsourcing companies and skilled professionals. The country boasts over 5.2 million software developers, making it one of the countries with the highest number of individuals in this sector. Additionally, India is the second-largest English-speaking country, making it an ideal option for outsourcing companies in English-speaking countries.
Due to high levels of unemployment in the country, software developers in India are among the most affordable in the world, with hourly rates as low as $10. However, it is important to consider certain challenges before hiring developers in India. These challenges include the presence of self-taught agencies that may lack expertise, privacy legislation issues, and concerns regarding data protection. It is crucial to ensure that the outsourcing partner you choose respects the necessary privacy and data protection requirements to mitigate any potential risks.


China, the world's second-largest economy, boasts advanced technological infrastructure, including widespread internet availability throughout the country. Despite its size, China offers a budget-friendly option for software development outsourcing due to its vast number of developers. As of the end of 2022, China had over 7 million programmers, positioning it as one of the countries with the largest talent pool in this field.
The significant number of developers creates intense competition for job opportunities within the country, making it an attractive option for countries seeking to hire Chinese developers. The average hourly rate for junior developers in China is approximately $18, although more experienced developers may charge up to $50 per hour. Reliable Outsourcing companies also charge over $100/year.
However, before outsourcing software development to a Chinese developer or company, it is crucial to consider certain challenges. These challenges include tax enforcement, inadequate intellectual property protection, language barriers, time zone differences, and cultural differences. Such challenges could impact effective collaboration.


Ukraine stands out as an ideal destination for software development outsourcing due to its large pool of highly skilled specialists and significant growth in the information technology industry. The country has over 240,000 software developers, allowing local IT outsourcing companies to get access to a wide pool of talent in this sector.
Ukraine benefits from a strong engineering and mathematics base inherited from the USSR, and many software development companies were established by these specialists after the USSR's fall. This combination of expertise and competitive pricing makes Ukraine an attractive option for obtaining quality software development services. The average hourly rate of junior developers in Ukraine is about $17/hour. However, this rate can go up to $50 for senior developers and over $80 for outsourcing companies.
Before hiring developers or partnering with outsourcing companies in Ukraine, it is crucial to closely monitor the Russia/Ukraine war as it could impact the success of your projects.


Brazil holds a prominent position in the software and services market, ranking 9th globally and representing a significant share of the Latin American software market. With over 500,000 software developers, Brazil possesses the largest tech talent pool in the Latin American region.
The country's major cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, and Curitiba, contribute to a thriving tech scene. With the widespread use of popular programming languages like Java, Python, and SQL, Brazil provides a favorable environment for outsourcing web software development projects, mobile app development, and more.
The projected revenue in the software industry is set to exceed $8.34 billion by the end of 2023, demonstrating Brazil's robust ecosystem for software development outsourcing. Moreover, the country offers competitive pricing, with hourly rates ranging from $25 to $50, depending on the developers' experience. Outsourcing companies in Brazil can charge over $100 per hour.

What to consider before choosing the country to outsource software development

Some of the main factors that must consider when choosing among the countries we have shared include the following;
  • Solo developers vs Outsourcing companies: Hiring outsourcing companies offer a range of benefits, including access to a diverse pool of specialized talent, streamlined project management processes, and the ability to scale resources as needed, ultimately resulting in faster development cycles and increased efficiency compared to relying solely on solo developers.
  • Communication and Language: Evaluate the ease of communication with developers or company representatives in the chosen country. Ideally, it would be best to choose a country that speaks a language your team is familiar with to ease communication.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: You should also take time to understand the legal framework and intellectual property protection laws in the country.
  • Infrastructure and Technology: It would also be best to choose developers from countries with relatively advanced IT infrastructure, including internet connectivity, access to hardware and software resources, and data security measures. China, Estonia, and Poland are among the best options.
  • Time Zone Compatibility: Make sure the time zone of the country you choose is not far off from your current region. This will ensure effective real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Cultural Compatibility: Evaluate the cultural compatibility between your company and the outsourcing country and make sure they don’t conflict.
  • Risk Mitigation: Finally, you must assess the political stability, economic conditions, and potential risks associated with outsourcing to a particular country. You need to hire developers from a country or city that is relatively stable.

Final thoughts

In summary, this article has examined the best countries you can consider when seeking dependable software development partners. Estonia, Poland, India, and China have emerged as top choices, depending on your specific requirements and geographical location. However, each country presents distinct advantages and factors that need to be taken into consideration.
It is also essential to thoroughly evaluate aspects, such as cost, expertise, quality, communication, and legal considerations when making a decision. By carefully assessing these factors, you can choose the most suitable country for outsourcing your software development projects and operations. If you’re still not convinced about outsourcing software development, check out this article to learn more about why outsourcing could help you cut costs by up to 60% and several other reasons.

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