Tech leadership and engineering service to help early-stage startups get off on the right foot.

We turn good ideas into successful products

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Have you found a great startup but they don’t have the leadership or tech skills to turn their idea into reality?
This doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker.

Our team of experienced product engineers can help them get
their team and product up and running in no time.

This way you don't have
spend time and money on...

...reinventing the wheel

We’ve seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly - so they don’t have to.

...building a team

We’ve got the team they need.

...setting up

We lay all the groundwork for running an effective tech team.

We help startups lay a strong foundation, get ahead of the curve and just start doing.

"We asked help from FVST to deliver complex features with minimal guidance and a very fast pace. Not only did they deliver, they integrated into the team, helped in product building, system design, engineering practices, team building and even running meetings. We got hugely more than what we expected from an external team.."

Ivo Kund profile picture
Ivo Kund
VP of Engineering at Pactum

"We have tried external teams before and it's always been a bad experience, but FVST is different. They felt more like an extension of our team and they exceeded all our expectations!."

Priit Kaasik profile picture
Priit Kaasik
CTO at Katana MRP

"FVST joined our team and within a short period started to not only develop but lead several projects at Change. Delivered those projects with very high quality.."

Mikhail Luzhetskiy profile picture
Mikhail Luzhetskiy
CFO at Change Invest

How does it work?

Step 1

You set us up with a startup with a good idea that needs help.

Step 2

We identify their needs and how we can offer the most value.

Step 3

We settle on a cash or cash & equity fee.

Step 4

We help the startup realize the idea and lay the foundation for effective teamwork.

Step 5

We gradually pull out after the startup has found its course.